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Dunlopillo Beds

Dunlopillo have been developing their offering for over 85 years in order to create the ultimate comfort in beds and mattresses. The latex foam in the mattresses was first used in public trams and trains as well as aircraft cockpits and seats to provide optimum support. Later on that same latex would be used to make the seats in Sir Donald Malcolm Campbell’s record breaking hydroplane, Bluebird, as well as the seats in the Houses of Parliament.

The popularity of the Dunlopillo latex foam has continued to grow as it is used in their mattresses to provide flexibility, durability and conformity to the shape of the person sleeping on the mattress. The ActiproTM technology used provides a natural defence against allergens, odours and dust mites which adds to the overall offering of Dunpillo. Browse our full range online or come and see the range up close at the David Phipp Furniture Showroom in Ferndown.