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Wood Furniture Care

Cleaning Wood Furniture
Wood Furniture Care

Protecting and Cleaning Wood Furniture

Wood products are easy to care for on a regular basis.

  • Gently dust and polish with a soft, lint-free buffing cloth.
  • The colour of wood matures with exposure to light, it is important to move ornaments regularly and expose table leaves to avoid noticeable colour differences occurring.
  • Never use silicon or wax polishes that leave residue on surfaces. Only use good quality wax-free furniture polish, where recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Dining chair upholstery can be lightly vacuumed or gently brushed to remove dust.
  • Blot up any spills immediately with a damp cloth. Do not try to wash or rub spills and do not use detergents. Finger marks can be removed with a clean, slightly damp cloth.
  • Protect wood surfaces with felt under-cloths and place mats.
  • Most lacquer or synthetic finishes on real wood give a semi-permanent barrier to make cleaning as easy as possible.
  • Clean upholstery at least once a year and before soiling becomes ingrained.¬†

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