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Leather Furniture Care

Leather Furniture Care
Cleaning Leather Furniture

Leather Upholstery Care

It is important to understand the characteristics of leather. High quality, natural and hard-wearing leathers look great and are easy to care for. Leather will move over time and may display traces of the past. However, these are all characteristics of hide and in no way detract from the wearing qualities of leather. 

Leather is a natural product; with proper care and attention, new leather upholstery will retain its natural state for years to come. Your leather upholstery will mark and scratch over time and use, and may stretch or crease, but this does not affect its durability. Don’t neglect it and do nothing at all as the lifespan can be shortened dramatically by not taking the time to maintain it correctly:

  • By using a soft brush vacuum, the pores will remain free of dust and dirt and an occasional wipe over with a slightly damp, clean cloth will also be beneficial. Do not use detergent, spirit cleaner or furniture polish.
  • Do not attempt to remove any marks or stains by rubbing the leather as this can remove the surface colour. The best result for clearing spills is to use a dry, soft cloth to blot the area.
  • Protect your leather furniture from strong sunlight and excessive heat, such as radiators.
  • Homeowners should be diligent about quickly cleaning up any spills on their leather upholstery.
  • Spot test any potential cleaning product before applying all over. This can be done by dabbing a small amount of the product on the leather, in a spot that is normally hidden from view.
  • Cleaning and conditioning should be considered every so often. Some special conditioning products can be used to refresh and rejuvenate the appearance of leather.
  • Try to keep pets off the upholstery to reduce scratching the surface.
  • Seat, arm and back cushions should be regularly plumped-up to maintain the shape of your suite.
  • It is advisable to have any heavily soiled upholstery cleaned by a Professional Service.
  • Non-colourfast clothing such as denim can permanently stain light coloured leather.

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