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Fabric Furniture Care

Protecting Fabric Furniture
Cleaning Fabric Furniture
Fabric Furniture Care

Protecting and Cleaning Fabric Furniture

Soft upholstery usually gets just as dirty and dusty as cabinet furniture, you just can’t always see it.

  • Regular cleaning with a brush or a light vacuum will help to keep your furniture looking smart, at least once a week to keep it in good condition. Take care when vacuuming fringes and ruching.
  • Try to keep pets off and sharp objects away as these will snag the fabric. Carefully cut any snags which do occur, and do not pull them under any circumstances.
  • Cushions should be attended to on a regular basis but may require daily attention dependent upon the type of filing and usage.
  • Strong sunlight can cause fabric to fade.
  • Wood or decorative facing require minimal maintenance, and should be occasionally wiped with a damp cloth to remove dust.
  • Castor cups are useful to reduce indentations on carpets and wood flooring.
  • Stop spills becoming stains as quickly as possible. Do not use detergents and do not try to wash or rub minor spills. Instead blot with a clean cloth. Do not use spray polishes or solvent cleaners, as these can have a damaging effect on the fabric.
  • Clean your upholstery at least once a year and before soiling becomes ingrained. Clean all parts of a suite together as slight colour changes can sometimes occur.
  • Excessive wetting can cause shrinkage and minor soiling can be removed by using proprietary dry foam cleaner.
  • It is advisable to have any heavily soiled upholstery cleaned by a Professional Service.
  • Velvet and Chenille fabrics have a high pile because of a double weaving process. Consequently, this pile may cause fabrics to shade, show pressure marks or flatten. These qualities are unavoidable and as such should not be regarded as a fault but instead a unique characteristic of these natural fabrics. Never use any soaping agents or detergents as this may damage the fabric.
  • Non-colourfast clothing such as denim can permanently stain light coloured fabric.

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