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Bed Care

Bed Care
Mattress Care
Bed Care

Bed & Mattress Care

Beds are designed to withstand wear and tear, however here are some guidelines for ensuring your bed/mattress has a long life.

  • Never fold or bend the mattress, as this will distort the spring unit. Modern spring interior mattresses cannot be rolled for storage.
  • Use mattress handles, if provided, and do not overload divan bed drawers.
  • Check that the legs and castors are tightened fully from time to time. Where fitted, headboard bolts and legs may need to be tightened at regular intervals to prevent causing damage.
  • For a ‘No Turn’ mattress, with a single sleeping surface, e.g. Memory Foam, Latex, Pillow Top and Anti-slip mattress, it is important that you rotate your mattress regularly.
  • For all other mattresses, it is important that your turn and rotate your mattress regularly once a week for the first two or three months, and then monthly thereafter.
  • Ensure all spills are simply mopped up quickly with a clean, dry cloth. Always use a good quality mattress protector that can be cleaned.
  • Never wet clean your mattress. If your mattress does become wet, stand it on its side to minimise the penetration of moisture and allow it to air away from direct heat.
  • Regularly clean your bed with a soft brush.
  • Don’t make a habit of sitting on the edge of the bed or letting children bounce on it.
  • Always follow your manufacturer’s cleaning and care label instructions. 

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