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Clearance Furniture at David Phipp Ferndown, Dorset


This is a selection of what we have on sale at the Showroom. Visit us today for more amazing offers on beds, mattresses, dining ranges, sofas, tables chairs and accessories.

Please call 01202 897474 to check availability of these one off items.
All items are sold as seen, subject to availability with immediate delivery. Leading brands include: Tempur, Vispring, Duresta, Ercol, ROM, Tom Schneider, Nathan, Parker Knoll and many more!

Clearance sofas at David Phipp Ferndown banner

Furnico Colorado Large Corner Sofa

Furnico Colorado Large Corner Sofa
RRP £5699 CLEARANCE £3295


ROM Corner Sofa

ROM Corner Sofa

RRP £3226 CLEARANCE £1599


Stressless Reno Large Chair

Stressless Reno Large Chair and Stool
RRP £2459 CLEARANCE £1595


Stressless Reno Small Chair

Stressless Reno Small Chair and Stool
RRP £2139 CLEARANCE £1395


Stressless Mayfair Chair

Stressless Mayfair Chair
RRP £1646 CLEARANCE £999


Rico King Chair

Rico King Chair
RRP £1009 CLEARANCE £659


mini chair

Mini Chair
RRP £1369 CLEARANCE £925


Parker Knoll Isabelle snuggler

Parker Knoll Isabelle snuggler
RRP £1432 CLEARANCE £849


Parker Knoll Isabelle chair

Parker Knoll Isabelle chair
RRP £1129 CLEARANCE £595


GPlan Turner Chair

GPlan Turner Chair


clearance lounge co

 Lounge Co Hector Chair                                                                 RRP: £699. CLEARANCE PRICE: £419  

clearance accent chair

 Accent Chair        CLEARANCE £419


clearance cane industries

 Cane Industries Pinto 2 Str Sofa & Glider Chair                               RRP £2370. CLEARANCE £1295


clearance Duresta chair

 Duresta Horatio Chair                                                                          RRP £2094. CLEARANCE £1199


clearance lounge co

 Lounge Co Poppy Chair                                                                       MRP £729. CLEARANCE £399

Duresta reading chair

 Duresta - Reading chair

RRP: £1460   CLEARANCE: £759


Duresta Stamford chair

 Duresta Stamford Chair with Grand Sofa - see below

Duresta Stamford Sofa

 Duresta - Stamford Grand Sofa & Chair

RRP: £4573  CLEARANCE: £1995

Stressless e200 with chaise

 Stressless - E200 2 Str with chaise (fabric)

RRP: £2928  CLEARANCE £1599   


Riposo Reclining Sofa and Reclining Chair
Riposo Chair

Riposo 3 Str Reclining Sofa and Reclining Chair
RRP £4498    CLEARANCE £4695


Cris Sofa

Cris Sofa
RRP £2475  CLEARANCE £1359


Mini 3 Seater Recliner Sofa and Chair

Mini 3 Seater Recliner Sofa and Chair
RRP £4134  CLEARANCE £2499


Nox 3 seater sofa and recliner chair

Nox 3 seater sofa and recliner chair
RRP £5020   CLEARANCE £2499


Arion 2 Seater Low Back Sofa

Arion 2 Seater Low Back Sofa
RRP £2459 CLEARANCE £1199


lounge co violet sofa

The Lounge Co violet sofa
RRP £1299   CLEARANCE £599


Ercol Enna Sofa

Ercol Enna Large Sofa
RRP £2595 CLEARANCE £995


Ercol Enna Medium Sofa

Ercol Enna Medium Sofa
RRP £2305 CLEARANCE £895

GPlan Harrison Sofa

GPlan Harrison 2 Seater Sofa
RRP £1422 CLEARANCE £799


Parker Knoll harrow large sofa

Parker Knoll Harrow Large 2 Seater Sofa
RRP £1958 CLEARANCE £995


Peter Guild Montana Sofa

Peter Guild Montana Large Sofa, Medium Sofa and Bennett Chair
RRP£9545 CLEARANCE £2995


Sherborne Olivia Sofa

Sherborne Olivia 2 Seater Sofa
RRP £1379 CLEARANCE £799


Parker Knoll westbury sofa

Parker Knoll Westbury Large 2 Seater and Chair RRP £4465 CLEARANCE £2595


clearance duresta sofa

 Duresta Trafalgar 3 Str Sofa                                                             RRP £5219. CLEARANCE £3099 

clearance gplan

 G.Plan Malvern 2Str Laether Sofa                                                         RRP £2536. CLEARANCE £1495                                     


clearance gplan chair

 G.Plan Tate Chair                                                                             MRP £1186. CLEARANCE £499

Ercol gina recliner

Ercol - Gina Recliner & Stool

RRP £3090 CLEARANCE  £1495 



red armchair

 Stuart Jones Cavendish Chair
RRP £453  CLEARANCE £ 175


Clearance Beds and Bedroom Furniture at David Phipp Ferndown

Hypnos Luxury Deluxe Bed

Hypnos Luxury Deluxe 3'0 P/T Dr Set & Headbaord 
MRP £1824   CLEARANCE £799. - ex-display


Tempur Hunter Bedstead and Mattress

Tempur / Hunter Bedstead and Mattress
RRP £4058  CLEARANCE £1795


tech coelom bedside table

TCH coelo 2 Dr bedside table


TCH Coelo Chest of Drawers

TCH Coelo 2+2 Chest of Drawers
MRP £1135.  CLEARANCE £399


tch chest of drawers clearance

TCH Cromwell 7 Drawer Chest.       MRP £1699.   CLEARANCE  £649 

tch laundry Cromwell box clearance

 TCH Cromwell Laundry Box. MRP £569.  CLEARANCE £229


clearance painted dresser

Elsie Dressing Table RRP £1139. CLEARANCE £499                               Elsie Mirror. RRP £525. CLEARANCE £199                                       Elsie fabric stool - RRP £169. CLEARANCE £59



cotswold caners drawer

 Cotswold Caners - 6 Drawer Chest - Ash                                                            MRP £1295  CLEARANCE £495 - ex display



Somnus Marquis Bed

Somnus Marquis Pocket Sprung set & headbaord - 3'0 x 6'3
RRP £2328.  CLEARANCE £795


TCH Coelo Bedstead

TCH Coelo Bedstead only 4'6x6'3
RRP £1059.  CLEARANCE £395


Dunlopillo millenium orchid

5'0 Dunlopillo millenium orchid F/E Set and Headboard
RRP £4536.  CLEARANCE £1795


tech Cromwell dresser clearance

TCH Cromwell Double Dressing Table MRP £1745. CLEARANCE £549 

clearance chest of drawers

 Elsie 2+4 Chest. RRP £1575. CLEARANCE £699 (ex-display)


Dining Room Furniture Clearance at David Phipp in Ferndown

Venjakob Extending Table

Venjakob Extending Dining Table and 4 Chairs
RRP £3743  CLEARANCE £2199


Norfolk open rack dresser

Norfolk Open Rack Dresser
RRP £1674 CLEARANCE £499


clearance Ercol table

 Ercol - Novoli Small Table & 4 Chairs                                            

RRP £3395. CLEARANCE £1495


clearance skovby dining

Skovby Dining Table & 4 Chairs                                                       WAS £2895. CLEARANCE £1699


clearance venjakob cabinet

 Venjakob Display Cabinet                                                               Was £2085. CLEARANCE £1479


clearance venjakob cabinet

 Venjakob Tall Display Unit & Lights                                                    WAS £1642. CLEARANCE £899


Tom Schneider serpent table clearance

 Tom Schneider - Serpent Table & 4 Chairs

RRP £5840. CLEARANCE £2795





Glamour Dining Chairs

Glamour Dining Chairs X 2


vague table and stressless dining chairs

Vague dining table
RRP £1995 CLEARANCE £1195

Also pictured 4 x Stressless Dining Chairs
RRP £1999 CLEARANCE £1195


Andrea Dining Table

Andrena Barley Table
RRP £1885 CLEARANCE £995


Andrena Sideboard

Andrena Pellum Sideboard
RRP £2295 CLEARANCE £1295


clearance ercol sideboard

 Ercol Novoli Large Sideboard                                

RRP £2365. CLEARANCE £995

clearance sideboard

 Venjakob Sideboard WAS £1866. CLEARANCE £1369 


dining table

Cubo Table, Bench Seat & 2 x Chairs
RRP £ 1790  CLEARANCE  £599

Clearance furniture at David Phipp in Ferndown

clearance coffee table

Ercol Romana Lamp Table                             MRP £830. CLEARANCE £499 


clearance black square coffee table

 Helderr - 56cm Anthracite Display Stand

RRP £265. CLEARANCE £165

clearance red coffee magazine table

 Helderr - Square lamp table - Red

RRP £425. CLEARANCE £265


Tom Schneider Serpico media unit clearance

 Tom Schneider Serpio Media Unit

RRP £3290 CLEARANCE £1499


tom Schneider tv cabinet

Tom Schneider Swirl Console
RRP £1290   CLEARANCE £699










Bristows TV Unit

Bristows TV Unit
RRP £555.  CLEARANCE £299


Bristows Nest of Tables

Bristows Nest of Tables
RRP £585  CLEARANCE £319


Bristows Bookcase

Bristows Bookcase

24"x48"  RRP £365. CLEARANCE £ 199
36"x75"RRP £495  CLEARANCE £269


Old Charm Flip Flop Table

Old Charm Flip Flop Table


r white computer desk

R. White Computer Desk


R White Printer Scanner Unit

R White Printer Scanner Unit


cane industries Monza

Cane Industries Monza Coffee Table


clearance cabinet

Richmond Sliding Door Unit                    

RRP £3139. CLEARANCE £1495


white square glass coffee table

 Helderr - Squate Table in white

RRP £335. CLEARANCE £209

clearance red square coffee table



clearance nest tables

Ercol Novoli Nest of Table                         RRP £615. CLEARANCE £395


cabinet end

Nathan Corner Unit 
RRP £1299 CLEARANCE £ 749