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The National Bed Month 2017 ‘New Bed Test’

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The National Bed Month 2017 ‘New Bed Test’

This March highlights National bed Month 2017, a whole month dedicated to promoting better sleep quality. Most people who are struggling to get a good quality sleep each night don’t realise just how big an effect their bed is having on their sleep. They blame stress, worry or noise, but little do they know that an old, ineffective bed will make it nearly impossible to get the right amount of sleep.

At David Phipp, we want to ensure everyone is getting the best night’s sleep possible to ensure they are healthy, happy and able to tackle each day feeling fully recharged. That is why we have created the ‘New Bed Test’ so that you can decide whether or not now is the right time to invest in a new bed. Answer the questions below and they should help you to decide whether or not you need a new bed.

How old is your bed?

The age of your bed will be a big deciding factor on whether or not you need a new one. No matter how high quality your bed is, if it’s 7 years old or more, it is highly likely that it is not providing you with an effective sleeping platform. Beds are not designed to last forever, they get a lot of use and over time they deteriorate as they age.

Do you wake up with aches or pains?

Waking up with aches or pains in the middle of the night or in the morning is a real warning sign that your bed needs replacing. This may start to happen gradually over time, but as soon as your notice that your body is feeling uncomfortable or painful, you should consider investing in a new bed. The longer you leave it, the worse your aches and pains will become, sometimes resulting in serious health problems.

How does your bed sound?

One of the key ingredients to a good night’s sleep is silence. If you notice that your bed is creaking, squeaking or making noises that it didn’t used to make then this is a big sign that the integrity of your mattress or bed frame is in jeopardy. Not only will the sounds keep you awake at night, they are an indication that something is wrong with your beds’ structure and should therefore be replaced.

What is the condition of your mattress?

Sometimes, it just takes a quick visual inspection of your mattress to know whether or not it needs replacing. There are a few obvious tell-tale signs to look out for, the most important being if the mattress is sagging at all. Sagging means that the springs, foam or material your mattress is made from has become damaged and will no longer provide effective support. Other obvious signs such as rips, tears or dirt indicate that it is time for an upgrade.

Are you suffering from allergies?

Do you wake up sneezing throughout the night, have puffy red eyes or find yourself covered in a rash every morning? Your bed/mattress might be the problem. Old mattresses gather a lot of dust and can really irritate those who suffer from allergies. A great solution to prevent this would be to invest in a memory foam mattress which is anti-allergenic.

Do you sleep better in other beds?

Have you stayed over at a friend’s house recently or slept in a hotel and found that you’ve had the best night’s sleep you’ve had in a while? This probably isn’t a coincidence and is a real indicator that your bed at home isn’t giving you the comfort you need to sleep well, therefore you might want to consider a new bed so that you can continue getting a great night’s sleep in the future.

So how did you do? Does our New Bed Test indicate that you need a new bed? We are urging everyone this National Bed Month 2017 to really take their sleep seriously and if it is time for a new bed then make that investment and watch your sleep quality improve. Sleep is so essential to maintain a healthy body and mind, so why would you not want to do anything possible to improve it?

How are we celebrating National Bed Month?

At David Phipp, we are celebrating National Bed Month with our Audio Smart Bed Competition. Check out the competition and enter here. We are also offering up to 50% off our Tempur pillow range and savings on a wide variety of our beds and bedroom furniture