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For the best night’s sleep ever, choose Tempur mattresses!

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For the best night’s sleep ever, choose Tempur mattresses!

Start the Tempur mattress 100 day trial today!

Start every morning feeling refreshed with a Tempur Mattress! Tempur provides unparalleled comfort and relaxation, shaping itself to suit your body to ensure you get the best sleep, every night.

Our 45 years’ experience in retail furniture means we can offer the best advice and knowledge, answering all your questions including:

  • Why should you choose a Tempur Mattress?
  • How does it work?
  • What is the 100 day trial?

Why choose the Tempur Mattress

What makes the Tempur Mattress the number one choice for so many of our customers? At David Phipp we have several different styles of Tempur mattress to provide outstanding comfort and support:

  • Tempur Original: Designed for a firmer feel
  • Tempur Cloud: Designed for a softer feel
  • Tempur Sensation: Designed for ease of movement

Each Tempur mattress creates the ideal sleeping environment for you, meaning you can enjoy several benefits of a better night’s sleep:

Improved health 

Did you know? Old mattresses are one of the main causes of back and neck pain. If your body isn’t getting the support it needs, you may find yourself having aches and pains throughout the day.

Tempur Mattress material was originally developed by NASA to relieve the pressure experienced by astronauts during lift off. This pressure-relieving material helps to keep your body in good shape, avoiding those irritating aches and pains. Old mattresses can also contain bacteria and dust that causes respiratory problems and other health issues.

Improved sleep quality

A bad night’s sleep will leave you feeling tired and irritable throughout the day. While the odd low quality sleep here and there may not affect your overall health too much, several nights of it will start to fog your brain, decrease your ability to concentrate and make you start to feel quite low.

The advanced comfort of a Tempur Mattress, which is available in soft and firm styles, ensures that you get an undisturbed night’s sleep and feel fully recharged for the day ahead of you!

 A peaceful nights sleep for two

Do you ever get woken up by your partner rolling over in the night? Regular mattresses are not designed to absorb the impact of a person tossing and turning, therefore the other person in the bed is often disturbed.

Tempur Mattress are so much better than regular mattresses because they are made with shock absorption in mind. This reduces the movement of the mattress so both you and your partner can sleep in comfort with no midnight arguments!

What makes Tempur mattresses different?

Now that we know how a Tempur Mattress can improve your sleep, let’s look at the science behind the Tempur Mattresses’ design. Its motion-absorbing qualities are a result of a complex network of interconnected viscoelastic cells which don’t trap air as regular mattresses do, dramatically reducing the rebound effect to a level much lower than regular memory foam mattresses.

 The cell structure of the mattress compresses, absorbing the movement of anyone in the bed and then returning to its original shape. It also conforms to your body shape, creating an area of comfort designed specifically for you. The Tempur Mattress poses no health risks as it is manufactured to Oeko-Tex 100 standards.

The Tempur Mattress 100 Night Trial

Perhaps you aren’t yet fully convinced of the Tempur Mattresses’ ability to enhance your sleep and provide you with undeniable comfort? Well, if you want to find out for yourself before committing to a Tempur Mattress, you might want to try the 100 night trial! This trial gives you the opportunity to try the Tempur Mattress in your home for up to 100 days (with a minimum of 60 days) and if you aren’t completely satisfied with the mattress, you can get a full refund!

That is how confident we are of the Tempur Mattress and we are sure you will absolutely love it. The only problem you might have is that you don’t want to get out of bed in the mornings! Contact us today to start your 100 night trial.

Get the most from your mattress

The Tempur sleep range goes far beyond mattress, with beds, pillows and accessories also available. The ideal sleep environment combines form as well as function and Tempur beds will not let you down.

Wide range of beds

David Phipp stocks Tempur Divans, Frames, Ottomans, Adjustables and Headboards which are the perfect fit for any bedroom, making your room look fantastic while giving you the best night’s sleep.

Pillows suited just for you

Your pillow choice can drastically improve your quality of sleep. The correct pillow will ensure you get the best neck support for you, so you can sleep peacefully.

Tempur offers two different types of pillow: ergonomic and traditional, so there’ll be plenty of choice to accommodate your preference of head and neck support.


The Tempur range of accessories are perfect for both home and travel – meaning you can now be comfortable anywhere you go! The range which includes mattress toppers, protectors & quilts, luxury bed linen and travel sets, masks & pillows has been developed to help you enjoy the most comfortable lifestyle possible.

 With a range of mattresses combined with our friendly, efficient and knowledgeable service David Phipp provides, you can rest assured you’re in good hands. We look forward to helping you start your Tempur 100 night trial and getting a better night’s sleep.