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Winter 2016/2017 Home Trends

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Winter 2016/2017 Home Trends


As temperatures begin to drops and the nights start to draw in, we’ve started to spend more time indoors. As we’re spending more time in our homes, now is the time to make your house nice and snug. Create your own relaxing retreat that you can enjoy with family and friends both now and throughout the whole of the festive season.

We have a few tips and ideas based on the latest home style trends for those of you wanting to update your home this holiday season.

TREND #1: Bring the outside in

Bright, frosty mornings are now upon us. Bring touches of the outside in by adding plants to your mantel piece, dining table and kitchen. Incorporate furniture and features made from natural materials such as wood, rattan and wicker.

TREND #2: Shearling throws

The shearling trend is very popular this season in the fashion world, but can also be added to the home. Sheepskin rugs and throws add extra warmth and texture to the home. Being durable and hard-wearing, sheepskin throws can be a luxurious item not only for the festive season but for years to come. 

TREND #3: Statement chairs

Statement chairs are a timeless feature to any home. Our range of armchairs come in a range of fabrics and are made of the highest quality – designed for comfort and relaxation, giving your living room the look that you desire.

TREND #4: Cosy knits and checks

Stay warm and cosy with knitted throws and pillows as extra touches throughout your home. Knitted throws and tartan blankets add colour to your room and are essential throughout the winter months, as well as having the extra benefit of being practical and stylish year after year.

TREND #5: Pendants & pedestals

2016 is the year for extravagant details, with the trend set to continue right into 2017. Pendants are everywhere this season, creating a tranquil atmosphere with low hanging lighting.

Another subtle star is the pedestal, ideal for the smallest corners. Pedestals come in many different shapes and styles to suit your décor and can proudly exhibit anything from sculptures and plants to candles and lanterns.

David Phipp | Pedestals & Side Tables

Pedestals from the NathanStockholm and Sutcliffe ranges

TREND #6: Formal dining rooms

Traditionally, all families had sit-down meals, until eating in front of the TV became acceptable. A big focus has been on bringing this back, shunning TV for quality time instead. More homeowners are now opting to keep their formal dining rooms over media rooms.

Look at the range of dining room furniture stocked by David Phipp so that you have a great place to feed family and friends and entertain guests this Christmas.

TREND #7: A new dawn for desks

The ever-increasing trend for looking after your body includes what you do at home, specifically when you’re working. No longer should laptops be used on beds and sofa, but on a sturdy desk with an ergonomic office chair, giving the support you need.

TREND #8: Better sleeping

Blackout curtains and lavender sachets will only get you so far. This year there has been a huge rise in technologically designed mattresses and pillows, with breathable fabrics and materials to ensure a supported, comfortable night’s sleep.

Find out more by looking at the range of beds & mattresses stocked by David Phipp.

TREND #9: The ‘Glamily’ Room

The ‘glamily’ room has been a recent revolution, stemming from the fact that those with pets or young children shouldn’t have to compromise style for practicality. The ‘glamily’ room is defined as practical and beautiful with hard-wearing materials and wipe-clean fabrics.  

TREND #10: Comfortable furniture

We tend to need more sleep in the winter as the colder days and little sunshine can make us feel weary. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep with our range of beds and mattresses.

In our David Phipp showroom we have a huge range of beds, mattresses and bedroom furnishings from the leading brands to suit people of all ages and preferences.