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Creating a Happy Home at Christmas

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Creating a Happy Home at Christmas

Creating a Happy Home at Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and at David Phipp we are really getting into the Christmas Spirit!

While we are first and foremost house furnisher specialists, we know a few things about getting your home ready for Christmas too. Here are a handful of tips to make your home look and feel more festive and stylish this Christmas.

Colour matching your decorations

When decorating your home with Christmas decorations you will need to think about colour coordination if you want a truly dazzling look that doesn’t just appear to have been thrown together. Try to pick colours that go well together and use them consistently throughout your home. The traditional red and green Christmas colour combination always works well and by adding a touch of gold or silver you will really bring out the celebratory feel of your decorations. Alternately, you might want to mix colours that have a winter feel, such as blues, whites, purples and silvers.

Go elegant and simple

A well decorated home doesn’t go over the top with masses of tinsel and tacky decorations crammed into every bit of space available. Simple touches and modest decorations scattered around the home are far more effective and make your centre piece, which will most likely be the tree, stand out much more. As an example, fill large glass candle holders with a mixture of baubles to keep the decorations to a confined area and scatter pine leaves around the exterior. This kind of simple touch will make a dramatic impact without cluttering your home.

Spruce up your old decorations

If you already have a collection of old Christmas decorations, you don’t necessarily need to throw them all out and get new ones. In fact, your old, worn decorations can be given a new lease of life and can be tailored to suit your preferences. Take old baubles for example, there are many things you can do with them. Wrap them in Christmas wrapping paper, stick glitter on them or cover them in fabric. Get creative and think of new things you can do to spruce up the old decorations and get them to last another year.

Make use of fallen fir cones

Bringing the beauty of the outdoors into your home is what Christmas Is all about when it comes to your Christmas tree, but you can add subtle touches around the home to compliment the tree. Fir cones are ideal for this, so try to gather as many as you can in as many different sizes as possible and use only the best quality ones to decorate your home. You can leave them as they are and hang them around the mantel piece, paint them with snow textured paint and dangle them from your candle holders or even create a fir cone tree!

Decorating the Christmas Tree

The first step to having a beautiful Christmas tree in your home is to choose one which looks full and healthy and has been treated to ensure you don’t get any nasty creatures in your home. Pick a colour scheme and potentially a theme for the tree which will make it much more attractive. Start by hanging the lights, hiding the wires as well as you can. Now you might want to add your topper (star, angel etc.) which may seem like a strange order of things but it will be easier to reach the top of the tree before all the other decorations are on it. Next, hang any tinsel or ribbons so that you can work the rest of the ornaments around them. Now put the best ornaments near the front of the tree, trying to be as symmetrical as possible and add the less desirable ornaments towards the back to keep the tree balanced.

Of course, however you decorate your home, you have to make it your own. The fun thing about Christmas is that you can really get a feel for peoples personalities by the way they decorate their home, so put your own spin on it and have fun! If you want to come and check out our Christmas decorations, head down to the David Phipp Showroom in Ferndown. We will be there waiting to wish you a merry Christmas!