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Sofa beds

Sofa beds are perfect for anyone who needs a flexible sleeping solution in their home. We have a variety of sofa beds at David Phipp which have been designed with comfort, convenience and style in mind. At David Phipp, we supply Gainsborough sofa beds in a variety of different ranges, including the Action range, Choice range, Sylvia range and Isabelle range.

Why Get A Sofa Bed?

Sofa beds are ideal for anyone in need of a space saving, flexible sleeping solution. If you live in quite a small space and would prefer not to have a large bed taking up most of the room, a sofa bed offers you the best of both worlds as you can sleep comfortably at night but still have the space to move around in the day. Our sofa beds also offer a more affordable option for anyone looking for a cost effective solution.

You may also want to consider a sofa bed if you like to entertain guests who might want to stay for the night. Having a sofa bed means you can sit with your guests during the day and then offer them a comfortable bed for the night. This also means that you don’t have to purchase a regular bed which may not get used very often.

With easy to use mechanisms, our sofa beds are perfect for any situation. Some of our sofa beds even come with their own sprung mattress which is upgradeable to a Pocket & Visco mattress. Not only do they offer convenience and comfort, their stunning appearance makes them the ideal addition to any room in your home.