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Bed frames

Our selection of stylish bed frames (or ‘bedsteads’)include the TCH Coelo range and the Winsor Stockholm range, both of which are made from solid woods with beautiful, smooth finishes. These bed frames add an attractive centrepiece to your bedroom and provide the optimum support and comfort for even the most restless of sleepers.

Why Get A Bed Frame?

Bed frames don’t just look attractive, they are also highly practical and help to keep your mattress is good shape. Wooden slats provide a sturdy base and add to the firmness of your mattress, ensuring your body is fully supported at all times. The slats are designed for flexibility to ensure they aren’t adding any pressure to your body as you sleep.

Bed frames are great at increasing the longevity of your mattress as they absorb most of the stress and weight applied to the bed, meaning the mattress keeps its shape and structure for longer. It is also a good idea to keep your mattress raised off of the floor as this allows the air to circulate, allowing the mattress to stay fresh and reduce the build-up of dust.

Not only are our bed frames very practical, but they also come in beautiful designs to add an attractive finish to your bedroom. Available in a variety of different sizes and types of hard wood, including solid birch and solid oak, our selection of bed frames are sure to meet your needs.