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Tempur mattresses, beds and pillows

To understand the true value of a comfortable night’s sleep, you need to experience a Tempur Mattress. With pressure absorbing material designed by NASA to cushion and support astronauts during lift-off, Tempur Mattresses evenly distribute weight and pressure to provide the ultimate relaxation and comfort.

At David Phipp, we are confident in our Tempur Mattresses ability to provide the good night’s sleep you deserve, whether you need a mattress with a firmer feel, a softer feel or a mattress designed for ease of movement. Take your time to browse the various types of Tempur Mattresses, Beds, Pillow and Divans here or visit the David Phipp Furniture Showroom to try one for yourself.

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TEMPUR® Original

designed for a firmer feel

The TEMPUR material  was originally developed by NASA to relieve the pressue experienced by astronauts during lift off.
These pressure relieving qualities provide the core benefits of a TEMPUR® Original Mattress with a firmer feel.

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designed for a softer feel

The TEMPUR® Cloud Mattress Collection offers an innovative balance of softness and support.
It combines the unique TEMPUR® material with a newly developed, softer, comfort layer for a feeling of instant relaxation.

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TEMPUR® Sensation

designed for ease of movement

The TEMPUR® Sensation Mattress Collection provides the familiar feel of a traditional spring mattress combined with amazing comfort and support.
All mattresses in this collectiom have a specially cut, base layer for a more traditional feel.

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TEMPUR® Beds & Divans

TEMPUR Beds & Divans

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TEMPUR® Pillows & Accessories

TEMPUR Pillows & Accessories

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