”The showroom of the future
with values of the past“

Calia Italia

Calia Italia Furniture

With a history dating back to 1965 when founder and skilled carpenter Liborio Vincenzo decided to start making furniture with the purpose of allowing people to rest, engage in conversation and dream, Calia Italia furniture has come a long way. Using a careful attention to detail, each piece of furniture is crafted with comfort, functionality and fantastic designs in mind.

The environmentally friendly, sustainably sourced materials that go into Calia Italia furniture add to the appeal of the brand while the cosy shapes and attractive styles make it the perfect addition to your home. By constantly evolving the designs of their furniture, Calia Italia has become a real innovator within the industry. Browse the full range here or visit the David Phipp Furniture Showroom in Ferndown to see it for yourself. 

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